Monday, November 2, 2009

Market Cycles for Investment Planning

10 Guidelines plus Top Videos on Universal Patterns behind Market Cycles for Investment Planning

The rhythms of nature, such as the spin of the Earth and its twirl around the Sun, create a slew of patterns that show up as natural loops which in turn have a profound impact on market cycles. Given the recurrent motifs in the environment along with the marketplace, the enduring factors play a vital role in investment planning in domains ranging from financial assets to natural resources.

The persistence of cycles is contrary to the traditional models of financial economics. In a bland world, there would be scant reason for recurrent patterns of any sort to make an appearance. Despite the simplistic models of financial economics, though, circuits of varied stripes show up with remarkable frequency in the marketplace.

An exemplar is found in the usual swell of the stock market during the cold half of the year. More generally, the patterns at work span the spectrum of time scales, ranging from short blips within the span of a single month to long waves stretching across the course of decades.

The purpose of this primer is to showcase a number of trenchant motifs and to highlight the key ideas through a selection of telling videos. Moreover, a supplement of online resources serves as a springboard for further study in order to muster market cycles as a centerpiece of investment strategy.

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