Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Top 3 Index Funds for North America

Performance Review for Canada, Mexico and USA

In choosing a robust vehicle for investing in North America, a good place to start is to prepare a list of the top index funds for Canada, Mexico and USA. For each country, an apt choice is an exchange traded fund with a proven track record among those listed on the leading stock market in the world: namely, the U.S. bourse.

The next step is to examine the candidates in terms of growth as well as risk. For a rounded view of performance, the period of evaluation has to cover a stretch in which the market has experienced a boom as well as a bust. The funds can then be compared in terms of the return on investment as well as the level of volatility.

Another vital gauge lies in a hybrid measure of risk-adjusted gain that takes into account the overall payoff as well as the characteristic turbulence along the way. These factors are examined for the top index funds dealing with Canada, Mexico and USA; namely, EWC, EWW and SPY.


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