Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Top 10 ETF List for Growth – Performance, Risk and Cost

In order to pick out a promising exchange traded fund (ETF) in an orderly way, the first task of the investor is to compile a list of the top performers. For this purpose, the crucial factors include the pace of capital gains, the level of price volatility, and the burden of maintenance charges.

In certain cases, additional features may come to the fore. A case in point is the yield due to the dividends thrown off by the ETF.

For the most part, the traits noted above are interlinked rather than independent. As an example, an exchange traded fund on a growth streak is apt to be more volatile than a sluggish one which plods along at a modest pace. Another sample is the cost structure; whatever the performance in the past, an index fund with a heavy load is more likely than not in the future to lag behind its rivals with leaner structures.

In tackling these issues, a sensible step is to begin with a muster of the top 10 funds by way of growth. Then the other factors such as risk and cost can be brought to bear on the evaluation.

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